Security, Safety, Crisis Management, Awareness, Training
Edu type:
Course or training
Master (EQF 7), Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
8 hrs
1 day
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This Family Support Workshop teaches participants to build and maintain relationships and trust among family members during and after a crisis.




Imagine that one of your colleagues has been involved in a critical incident in an operating environment overseas. As a HR manager and as a manager of a crisis management team you will be required to provide care and support to your colleague’s family members. Are you up to the task? In our Family Support Workshop you will learn how to build and maintain relationships and trust with family members. This will enable you to keep family members engaged and up to date, and will prevent them from pursuing separate and counterproductive initiatives.


For whom?
Members of Crisis Management Teams, responsible for Family Care/Support and HR managers.

This workshop is based on role playing and interaction in simulations of real-life scenarios, from which you will learn and practice the skills needed to provide family support. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times.

Knowledge & Skills

·         Being better prepared for any sort of crisis
·         Reducing the chance of losing the family’s support
·         Reducing the possibility of litigation
·         Identifying skills for a family support plan
·         Awareness of psychosocial interventions
·         Facilitating organizational and personal recovery


Further information

Language: English
Duration: 1 day
Venue: Global



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