Cyber Security
Edu type:
Course or training
Den Haag, Online
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
24 hrs
3 days
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The Deloitte GIAC GICSP Certification course is an intensive, three-day course with the goal to prepare participants for the GICSP exam. It covers a broad range of topics based on the GICSP Certification objectives. 

What can you expect:

  • A solid preparation for your GICSP-exam
  • Thorough explanation of key concepts
  • Practical exam tips to help increase your success rate
  • Insights in war-stories based on real life experiences
  • Unique ICS environment demonstration to make the training material as tangible as possible
  • A good balance between the theory and assignments to keep the training fresh

Our course is always fully up to date with the latest GICSP exam requirements. 
Exam price is not included in the price of the training!