Cyber, Governance, Digital Innovation, Secure by Design
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
3360 hrs
2 years
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Managing Technology in Society

The Innovation Sciences Master’s Program teaches you how to analyze, manage and influence innovation processes at a strategic level. While innovation is crucial for economic growth, sustainable development and welfare, many inspiring technological ideas never become successful. Innovation Sciences focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of why this is the case. You will learn to understand and manage the mechanisms and processes involved in developing and introducing new technological options. Our students have an interest or a background in technology (such as Computer Science, Sustainable Innovation, Industrial Engineering or Physics) but would like to apply their skills on a broader, more strategic level. Important questions for innovation scientists include how industries, cities, regions or countries can create an innovative climate in a globalizing world and which factors and actors determine whether a new technology will succeed as well as how government and business can introduce innovations that lead to sustainable development.


Within the Master programme we therefore have two specializations:

1. Global sustainability
2. Innovation strategy and policy

International semester

During the Master’s degree program you will spend one semester abroad, at a university specializing in technology and innovation.


University Guide to Master's 2017: IS top study!

The Guide to choosing a Master’s program 2017 cites the Innovation Sciences study program as the best in its field. The master's program received the predicate 'top study'. Eindhoven University of Technology was also the best ranked Dutch University in the Global Employability Survey.


NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).


Study program

The Innovation Sciences Master's degree program lasts two years. Each year consists of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The program has been built from mandatory courses, a specialization elective , electives in a technical domain, free electives, the international semester and the graduation project.


Year 2 comprises the International semester and the Master's thesis. Most of the second year of the Master's program is taken up by your final MSc project. This will be the culmination of the education program leading to a Master of Science Degree in Innovation Sciences (MSc) and/or the Dutch title of Ingenieur (ir.) Your might carry out part of your MSc assignment abroad, or in (non-) profit organizations.


For more information about the content of the courses you can go to the Education guide of Innovation Sciences.