Law, Governance
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Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
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Study Load:
1680 hrs
1 year
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“Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world... You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one…” (John Lennon) International law is not a dream nor for dreamers.


Making law work in our global society is a tough task that needs well-trained and highly dedicated lawyers ... is that you? Imagine a peaceful, prosperous and environmentally sustainable world society respecting human dignity and social justice. Would this be possible without international law? Do not dream, make it work! Allow yourself to become a good international lawyer by getting to know the achievements and shortcomings or international law today. Develop ideas about how to improve international law and acquire the skills to advise your government, an international organization, a company, individuals, or groups.The programme is designed to provide an optimal mix to ensure the realization of our goals in the field of knowledge dissemination and the training of academic, legal and practical skills. Within these parameters the programme offers some flexibility in the range of courses that can be chosen. Students can opt for a peace & security, an economic/environmental or a dispute settlement profile. The master's thesis allows you to spend considerable time to study a topic of your choice under the supervision of an experienced staff member. More detailed information on the pr



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NVAO accreditatie

Dit programma is officieel erkend en geaccrediteerd bij de Accreditatie Organisatie van Nederland en Vlaanderen (NVAO).