40 credit hours
Edu type:
Formal education
Edu level:
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study load:
1600 hrs
1 Year
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At Webster, we offer the popular and highly contextual Master of Science degree for cyber security. Webster’s graduate courses are an extension of the core skills and knowledge picked up during undergraduate years, and our MS in cyber security is no different. The course can prepare students to take up challenging and rewarding career positions in various high-demand industries like private and public sector companies. They can take on responsibilities that include the administration, operation, and protection of mission-critical computer systems, information systems, networks, infrastructures and communication networks.


During this course, we teach students the basic and advanced skills regarding cyber security. Students gain practical and applicable knowledge about this field, which they can then apply in their professional lives. We help them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that come in handy when it comes to local or international legal systems, private and public policies, and several key ethical issues. Students can directly apply these skills to cyber security and other sensitive areas like fraud, theft, information protection, terrorism, digital forensics, intelligence and counterintelligence. It also helps students to devise pre-emptive or strategic force operation application scenarios. Offered at a number of campuses in the US, this graduate program is a great way to enter the world of cyber security, and make your education count in your career.


The program consists of eight core courses that deal with basic and advanced theories of cyber security. These include emphasis on various kinds of threat-resolution and problem-solving measures. Students can also choose four elective courses from seven different options covering diverse and advanced, specialized aspects of cyber security. These elective courses help further hone their skills and allow them to concentrate on highly specialized, intricate aspects of cyber security. Students must log in a total of 40 credit hours to accomplish this graduate course successfully.


Career Prospects

An MS degree in cyber security is one of the most currently ‘in-demand’ qualifications in the world. With the proliferation of Internet and smart devices, there is a lot of sensitive information in cyber space that needs to be adequately protected. Also, government data and classified corporate data can become victims of data theft.


Keeping these contexts in mind, a cyber security professional is likely to find employment fast and sail smoothly in his/ her chosen career path. Our course helps our students hold their own in any scenario, corporate or otherwise, and enables them to gather key requisite skills to flourish in a competitive environment.


Points of Distinction

  • Small classes, personal attention, international perspective, and real-world approach to learning that Webster University is noted for worldwide.
  • Webster University has one of the highest graduate business enrollments in the U.S.
  • Our faculty members have appropriate credentials, experience and have been published in magazines and publications that focus on this industry.
  • International studies programs are recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report.


The Hague Security Delta

Webster University The Netherlands is a partner of The Hague Security Delta , the largest security cluster in Europe with businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions working together in the field of cyber security, national security, protection of critical infrastructure, and forensics.



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