We help our customers drive continuous innovation through software

We are driven by our passion for innovation and a product-centric mindset


Our founders and C-level leadership have extensive expertise in helping build and deliver enterprise class software products to a global clientele, and bring a hands-on, practitioners perspective to our solutions and services. At coMakeIT, we are driven by a fundamental insight that helping our customers develop innovative software products and solutions needs a product-centric mind set, and a very sophisticated and strategic engagement framework.


Product Engineering DNA

With a core product engineering DNA, we excel in every facet of software product development, and we have successfully transformed our thought leadership and insights (Know-how) into a set of best practices (Do-how). Our core strength is expertise in putting together dedicated, high performance product engineering teams and equipping them with the right set of tools and process framework to build and deliver world class, innovative IP.



  • We are passionate about software products

  • We know how to build great product organizations

  • We are proud of our ‘Do-How’ expertise and ‘Can Do” attitude

  • Our TOP cloudTM delivery platform is designed to produce results for our customers

  • Our unique methodologies can help our customers ramp up quickly

  • We help our customers achieve process maturity and continuous innovation capability in the fastest time


“Every customer must feel that they are the only customer”

  • Initiative

  • Ownership

  • Trust

  • Transparency

  • Partnership

  • Value addition

“Customer owns the team, and we do the rest”