Dionach started in 1999 in the UK and over the years we have grown to about 50 employees spread out over offices in Oxford, New York, Dubai and The Hague.

Dionach provides information security assurance through penetration testing and social engineering. Penetration tests include web applications, internal or external networks and mobile applications. Social engineering includes email phishing, telephone phishing and physical intrusion.

Dionach helps organisations meet compliance requirements for standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. Dionach does this through expertise in the standards themselves and practical understanding of how to implement compliance requirements.

It is vital for an organisation to effectively respond to any breach. Dionach is a Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) provider, and has helped many organisations through understanding and limiting breaches, and mitigating the risk of potential future breaches.

Dionach carries out research and development in different areas, and has an established research and development programme. Dionach’s research includes technical vulnerabilities in well-known applications and devices, and development of security tools.