Goliath-Hollinda is a well-established marketing & sales consultancy company focusing on 2 Markets: the Defence market and the Security market in the Netherlands. Active since 1930, we operate out of Wassenaar, close to the Hague.

Defence Market: Goliath-Hollinda supports foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in their efforts to sell equipment in the Netherlands market. The customers are all government entities falling mainly under the Ministry of Defence, Ministry Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Interior Affairs. In some cases the area of activity extends to Belgium and Luxemburg.

Security Market: Building upon the experience in dealing with Ministries and government entities, Goliath-Hollinda is also active in the Security market. Serving entities like the police and the first responder community. Not only with dual use equipment from the Defense industry but also dedicated products for the security market such as facial recognition tools.

International Participation: We aim to couple Dutch companies with their products to the network of Defence OEMS which we represent.