About GroupSense:

GroupSense is a leading provider of cyber intelligence services. GroupSense is not a feed or search engine for the dark web. GroupSense is people, empowered by proprietary technology, helping information security and intel teams realize value. GroupSense is trusted by governments worldwide to assist in cyber intel program development, election monitoring, and anti-fraud and risk measures. GroupSense tracks known and suspected threat actors and groups, publishing its research for affected organizations regardless of customer status. 


Our Research:

GroupSense brings together extensive research capabilities, technology, and a database of over 11 billion compromised credentials. Our cyber security lab uses proprietary techniques to collect and analyze big data from the cyber underground and open sources. Our powerful technology allows us to correlate and delivers a clear global view of each investigation. Our data collection and analysis is augmented by an integrated platform, where trends are identified, thus providing data for both reactive and preemptive security models. 


Our Services: 

GroupSense is changing the face of threat intelligence. Our analysts deliver customized intelligence aligned with each client’s unique concerns. There are no tools to tune or threat feeds to interpret – just finished intelligence, so a response can begin immediately. 


For each client, our intelligence analysts can assess current direct exposure across the full spectrum of online sources - the surface, deep and dark web. Clients receive assessments and 24/7 monitoring alerts to direct threats. GroupSense analysts are standing by to provide services such as additional research and investigation, threat modeling, tailored source access, takedown services and incident response. 


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