A Secrid wallet protects cards. From bending and breaking, as well as the unwanted reading of RFID cards that enable contactless payment, such as bank or credit cards.


Contactless payment, enabled by RFID technology, is fast and convenient. However, it also introduces risks as RFID cards can be scanned and skimmed from a distance. A Secrid wallet protects cards. By pulling the lever of the wallet’s patented sliding system, all cards gradually pop out a little over an inch. Hence, the RFID signal is strong enough to complete the payment, but too weak for unwanted reading by others. This way, money and personal data stay where they belong: in their owners’ pocket.


Secrid attaches great value to quality and sustainability. For its products, as well as environmental and working conditions. That is why all Secrid products are designed and made in Holland. They are assembled with great enthusiasm and precision at a social enterprise in Leiden. The leather covers, made of high-quality European cowhides, are available in a wide range of styles.


For more information, visit www.secrid.com.