T-Xchange is a leading provider in Leadership Games for (formal) training purposes. Trainees explore their judgment and decision-making style in time-critical ambiguous multi-stakeholder scenario-based management environments. We offer our clients learning portals, games, game scenarios and train-the-trainer courses.


T-Xchange Leadership games offer many benefits:

REALISTIC :  Customized to the most important leadership challenges of your organization.

ENGAGING :  Fun and motivating to do. Better fitted to the needs of young learners.

EFFICIENT :  Train whenever, wherever. Short, to the point exercises. Premium learning content. Low recurring costs.

EFFECTIVE : Higher retention rate. Personalized and aggregated feedback.


LeadershipExperience BANNER 2


For the security and crisis domain, T-Xchange has developed a Leadership game to improve skills in Cyber Security and Crisis Management: You take on the role of crisis manager at a major petrochemicals company, dealing with tough dilemmas as you mobilize the crisis management team. Managing the dynamics of chaos in this multi-stakeholder environment is your job.


The Leadership game platform is re-usable: Multiple scenarios with multiple dilemmas can be co-created with the customer to provide specific situations to improve specific Leadership skills.