About Terbium Labs


Terbium Labs is the premier dark web intelligence company.  As the maker of Matchlight, the world’s most comprehensive and only fully private dark web data monitoring system, Terbium gives organizations an unprecedented ability to continuously monitor the dark web for its lost or stolen data. Users are notified within minutes, not months, when their sensitive information appears in places it shouldn't. Featuring a patented, privacy-protected, data fingerprinting technology and sophisticated collection infrastructure, Matchlight provides the scale, speed, and precision needed to combat data loss and has become a trusted information security solution among risk management, IT security and privacy professionals. 


Work Culture


At Terbium Labs, we pride ourselves on having a respectful work environment built around a diverse and accomplished team.

We provide our developers with latest generation Macbook Pros and any other tools you need to do your best work, such as external monitors and docking stations. Individuals requesting a mechanical keyboard should be prepared to engage in enthusiastic discussion with the rest of the team regarding their personal preferences.

We strive to follow industry best practices such as unit-testing, QA testing, code reviews, separate staging environments, documentation, and continuous integration. Organizationally, we mostly work in weekly sprints with a daily stand-up. Employees have regular opportunities to give and receive feedback during weekly 1-on-1's and quarterly performance reviews. Members of the engineering team are encouraged to present interesting or novel work to the rest of the team during our weekly team meetings.

If this sounds like a fit, we’d love to hear from you. Members of underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.