HCSS helps governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to understand the fast-changing environment and seeks to anticipate the challenges of the future with practical policy solutions and advice.  


What we do

HCSS conducts its activities independently and in collaboration with its large network of affiliated experts. Our products are diverse: full-fledged reports, issue briefs, quick topic reports, and commentaries in the media. These products include strategic surveys, innovative policy recommendations, trend and scenario analyses, risk assessments, geopolitical and regional security analyses, conflict analyses, operational evaluations and identification of lessons learned. HCSS is also a platform for the exchange of ideas and development of new concepts and strategic insights.  


Who we work for

HCSS works for public and private sector clients. For governments, national and international, we provide our entire range of services. The ministries of Security & Justice, Foreign Affairs, Defense are among our regular customers. In addition, we also provide analysis to international organizations such as the European Commission and NATO. For private sector customers (commercial and non-commercial organizations and associations) , we translate our strategic orientation to the business environment in order to contribute to their immediate goals and activities. These firms can be located in all possible sectors.


Global Trends

HCSS explores the complex dynamics of a globalized world, and examines future developments of strategic importance. Where do these developments originate, how will they evolve over time, and how can they affect interests and decisions for governments, businesses, and citizens? HCSS helps to understand global strategic trends, and to develop strategies aimed at building resilience against future shocks and uncertainties.  



HCSS identifies and analyzes the developments that shape our security environment. We show the intricate and dynamic relations between political, military, economic, social, environmental, and technological drivers that shape policy space. Our strengths are a unique methodological base, deep domain knowledge and an extensive international network of partners.HCSS assists in formulating and evaluating policy options on the basis of an integrated approach to security challenges and security solutions.  



HCSS identifies and analyzes developments around the geopolitical, social and economic dynamics of natural resources like minerals, water, energy, food, and land. We examine the complex relationship between political, economic, social, and environmental drivers of resource scarcity. HCSS helps to identify risks and opportunities, and to formulate and evaluate robust policy options for the future.