At Twente Safety & Security we bring together knowledge and performing power from businesses, education and government to develop leading, smart safety and security solutions. With this public-private cooperation, we  make the world a safer place. 


We help to test, implement and bring safety and security solutions  to the market and create jobs for the Twente region. Our dream is big: be an international leader in safety and security, something many of our partners have already achieved. Together we could realise this.


We not only do this within the Twente region, but we are also one of the three Dutch safety and security innovation clusters. Together with The Hague (The Hague Security Delta) and Eindhoven-Tilburg (Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security), we for the national safety and security innovation cluster. We share a common goal: more business activity, more jobs and a secure world.


We have established five key focus areas:

-        A Drone development-, training- and test centre at Twente Airport

-        A safe home for elderly and disabled

-        Safe public buildings

-        Mentally unstable persons

-        Safe events / football


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