We build blockchain based enterprise solutions


We genuinely belief that a decentralized computerized platform, based on transparency and trust, has a disruptive power. The concept of a distributed database, ledger of transactions, where the trust is established by cooperation and collaboration of computers instead of institutions to authenticate these transactions, bears massive potential. It has the ability to remove the man-in-the-middle, hereby optimizing processes and lowering the TCO. This disruptive potential has already been acknowledged by the financial industry. Other industries, from law firms to the music industry and even governments, will be affected by the same influences of the blockchain. Although this technology is revolutionary we should also keep in mind that it’s not a technology that can be implemented in an isolated way. It has to be part of the whole infrastructure of the organization (databases, file systems, processing and applications). Thus blockchain can ensure and improve the efficiency of existing processes and systems. But the disruptive power of blockchain comes when organizations use this technology to radically rethink their products and services by putting the customer in the center of their orientation and translate this in a digital strategy where innovation is key. By drastically redesigning the services based on latest technologies the dependency of the legacy systems can be reduced. The blockchain can be used as a catalyst of this development and helps to increase the value of 2-speed IT.