How it works

VulnIQ automatically aggregates data from various sources, that you can configure yourself, and make them available through unified APIs. You can use VulnIQ APIs to integrate VulnIQ data into your existing applications and processes. Even if data formats at their sources change VulnIQ APIs will continue to work in a backwards compatible way so that you will not have to update your integrations everytime a data source or format changes.



Use Cases

VulnIQ is a general purpose solution and can be utilized for various use cases. It is designed to help anyone who works directly or indirectly with security issues.


Whether you are a system administrator trying to fix issues, or a security analyst trying to assess the severity of an issue, VulnIQ will make your life easier by allowing you to access up to date, accurate and complete information more easily.


By providing all data via APIs, VulnIQ allows you to automate processes. You can easily integrate data into your processes, tooling and build your own solutions. For more information please see the following use cases specific pages: