XSecutive guides organizations in their information security transition. This process is tailored around the triangle legal, finance and IT. We use legislation as the stepping stone to work from. In the Netherlands the new law "Hailing data breaches" will be enforced per January 1st 2016. European legislation follows in the very near future. This will have serious implications for companies that fail to comply with this ruling. Additional to the legal boundaries, there are ways to hedge the financial risk by considering the appropriate insurance policy. The conditions related to such a policy are clear: you must have a proven controlling and logging process of the information flow of your sensitive data. XSecutive provides a fine selection of innovative solutions to do exactly that. This can be a solution set of your choice or a tailor-made set that works with your existing infrastructure. The main goal is to assure that you are sufficiently protected in a compliant way. XSecutive works with partners in the legal as well as in the financial domain. Combined with our own expertise in the field of information security, we are the full service partner to organize needed security measures in order to comply with legislation. 


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