ASIS Security Management Congres 'Security Excellence Matters'

25 June 2019
Van der Valk Veenendaal
Organised by:
ASIS Chapter Benelux and Security Management

Security managers in the public and private sectors are always looking for the balance between, on the one hand, the mission and objectives of the organization and, on the other hand, proper protection of assets. Investing sparingly in safety and security. If there are no incidents, there is a temptation to think that the security is in order.

However: in the event of a significant negative event, the adequacy of safety management can suddenly become a matter of national or even international attention. The press, the public and politics - in order - quickly become aware of the reliability of the preventive and reactive risk-mitigating measures that were taken.

During ASMC 2019, directors and "practitioners" enter into a dialogue around the central question: "Can we actually afford poor security?"