HSD Café: Trendmonitor

03 December 2020
15:00 - 18:00 hrs
Organised by:

HSD Café : Trendmonitor 

Several times a year, an HSD Café is organised around a key security topic relevant for the HSD network. The HSD Cafés serve to inform the network about the latest developments and opportunities, but also to discuss challenges. The HSD Cafés are organised by HSD Office and are open to professionals, experts, students, and all who are interested.


During the HSD Café, we invite you to discuss key security topics and meet potential (new) business partners. The informal and interactive setting allows you to:

  • Discuss challenges and opportunities on security topics
  • Meet potential business partners
  • Interact with- and learn from experts, professionals, students, and each other’s perspectives
  • Boost your network

The thema of this HSD café will be trendmonitor.

More information about this event will be published soon.