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How can you use data analysis to create value for specific business goals? InnoValor keeps track of the use of our ReadID software. For example, we log details of the read identity document, such as which type (passport, ID card or driver's license) and by which country the document is signed. We also keep track of whether the various security checks have been performed and passed, and with that the outcome of the verification. Of course our own performance is also important. For example, we log the time that ReadID needed to OCR the Machine Readable Zone. 


We have several graduation assignments in which data analysis plays a crucial role.

Data-analyse chip locations

For: bachelor students computer science.


Not all electronic passports have their chip in the same place in the passport. The chip locations of passports from different countries are not publicly available, but are of great value for us to know, as the influence our app performance significantly. 


Assignment: set up a method to determine the location of the chip in a certain types of passports, using our own logging database and publicly available databases with passport information. 




Data analysis for UX design / research

For: master of bachelor students ICT / computer science, Human Media Interaction, Industrial Design Engineering, data science, Creative Technology


For a university student with an interest in usability, we have the following research question: how can quantitative data collection be optimally used to improve the User Experience (UX) of mobile software?


Depending on your background, this research question can be broadened to a more fundamental research question: how do research methods relate to the use and usability of a mobile application (eg logging, test observation) and the insights they provide, to research methods concerning the experiences and attitudes of users, with the same mobile app (eg interviews, attitude questionnaires, focus groups).


Possible underlying research questions: Which research methods are suitable for researching mobile apps, on the one hand in terms of use / usability, on the other hand in terms of subjective experience / attitude? What insights and / or data do these methods provide? What insights can quantitative data collection yield? And which is not? And how do quantitative methods relate to qualitative research methods (i.e. in depth user tests).


Given that logging data is collected about the use of the app, the following questions are interesting for us: which data can provide insight into UX, and how to collect the data? How can the current logging data be used to gain insight into UX? How does logging data coincide with qualitative research methods and with other quantitative methods? How does data / insights relate to the use of an app, to insights / data about the experiences and attitudes of users? 




We offer graduation projects in multiple areas of study such as (technical) business administration, industial design, computer science and business information technology. Check out for other thesis subjects.  Feel free to contact [email protected]

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