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For: students computer science, human media interaction, creative technology, business information technology (HBO/WO)


Personal data is valuable, for sure. All sorts of parties have data about us, but even if we would like to share them with others, this is often not possible. To solve this dilemma for Personal Data Services, InnoValor will investigate the feasibility of a "Blue Button" concept in the Netherlands.


Inspired by the 'Blue Button in the US where patients can share medical data and their implementation by health insurer VGZ with their online brand Bewuzt, InnoValor, conducts a feasibility study into a' Blue Button 'with which citizens in The Netherlands can download their personal data from government websites. This is typically a digitally authenticated XML and / or PDF file, which the citizen can then use to do what he wants. Such a Blue Button is not the ideal personal data store concept, but it is an important step in the right direction.


Research questions

  • Does the concept of a blue button appeal to users and service providers?
  • What is a sustainable business model for a blue button, also in relation to the obligatory related GDPR services?
  • How can a blue button be intergrated best in existing environments?

Research approach

The topic can be tackled from an engineering perspective as well as from a research perspective. Depending on the background of the student, different approaches can be followed.


We offer graduation projects in multiple areas of study such as (technical) business administration, industial design, computer science and business information technology. Check out for other thesis subjects.  Feel free to contact [email protected]

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