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ZiuZ builds products containing visual intelligence components to (help) solve challenges in social relevant domains. We work in 4 Scrum teams for the business units Forensic, Pharmacy Automation and Medical Imaging creating products using mainly Microsoft technology and frameworks. We currently use Azure DevOps build pipelines to build software and to call powershell or ssh scripts to make it available for installation. However, Azure DevOps offers many more possibilities for deployments, such as resource groups, quality gates etc.


The Assignment

Your task is first to investigate to what extent our different departments can use the possibilities of Azure DevOps to do structured deployments. How can we deploy deployments so that we can:

  • Automatically spin up and clean up environments for a particular Pull Request branch;
  • Prepare installations with customer-specific configurations in an install folder;
  • Build in quality gates so that a QA department can approve or reject a release;
  • Automatically generate release notes based on the commits on a branch.
  • Etc.

In addition, for a specific product of Forensic, you develop a tool to do performance measurements of a release, save the results and compare different performance results by displaying them visually.


Expected End Result

  • Investigate and do the configuration in Azure DevOps for at least 1 product/team;
  • Develop the performance tool in Microsoft C#.NET (and/or Blazor);
  • Document in such a way that our team can continue with your work.


Task Description

What is expected of you?

  • Ability to work independently but also in a team that develops using the Agile Scrum methodology. Developing in Microsoft Visual Studio with C#.NET, making use of the power of Azure DevOps.


ZiuZ has a standard internship / graduation allowance of € 275 per month and a maximum of € 200 travel allowance if applicable.


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Jarno BoschGroup Leader Development