Cyber, ICT
Permanent employment
Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Lead Backend Scala Developer

What will I be doing?

You will lead the development team at ReaQta to deliver efficiently the tasks created, according to the business requirements, and respect the milestones set. You will have an active role in developing and maintaining our backend platform. Our backend is responsible for collecting and analyzing the whole lot of data coming from the endpoints. You will manage the whole lifecycle of the product, from development to deployment and including devops, automation, test and release. You will be a part of our team to build an amazing high-throughput scalable backend. You’ll use continuous integration techniques and test-driven approaches to provide the best user experience without breaking the product. 

Here are some of the activities you’ll carry out with us:

  • Define tasks and plan efficiently which features to add/enhance/change
  • Lead the team towards the milestones defined
  • Keep track of the performances of the whole team
  • Be in charge of our backend development
  • Ensure stability at scale
  • Peer review code and pair with your colleagues
  • Improve throughput and scalability (both vertical and horizontal) to hundred of thousands of simultaneous connections
  • Add new services when appropriate and orchestrate them

Our backend technology stack: akka, akka-streams, akka-persistence, cassandra, elasticsearch, rabbitmq, python, nginx/nchan


Required Skills

  • Experience in leading a team of expert developers
  • Experience in high-growth and dynamic environments
  • Experience in planning efficiently and reporting back to management when required
  • Have at least 5+ years experience in building backend services
  • Production experience with akka/akka-cluster
  • Understand and write Scala/Akka code (real work experience is appreciated)
  • Be experienced in NoSql databases (e.g. cassandra, elasticsearch)
  • Drive the architecture of the system through engagement with others
  • Be fluent in at least another programming language other than scala
  • Understand reactive systems and frameworks (e.g. rx, akka-streams)
  • Know how to build a backend service from scratch to production: devops, testing, release management, deployment, etc.
  • Unit/integration test the application in a continuous integration environment (Jenkins, Git, Docker, Ansible, Artifactory, etc)

Appreciated but not required

  • Python programming
  • Functional programming paradigms
  • Elasticsearch tuning and advanced querying
  • Experience with distributed services (micro/macro/any size) 
  • Linux OS monitoring and tuning
  • JVM monitoring and tuning
  • Experience with Docker, Ansible
  • Knowledge of Machine learning techniques and tools