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Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Do you want to design a product that helps the security analysts to find and combat the most advanced cyber threats and criminals? If you are interested in untangling complicated knots and fill comfortable exploring the unknown, this job might be just what you are looking for - an exciting and challenging opportunity for a Product Designer!



What do Product Designers do in EclecticIQ?
The nature of our products and the Cybersecurity domain make us constantly discover and understand things we did not know before, and then design the most appropriate experiences for needs which are still evolving in uncharted territory.
As a Product designer in EclecticIQ you will find yourself at the forefront of a quest, to empower our users in protecting the world from the increasing and more sophisticated cyber threats of the future. You will be tasked to uncover many of the unknowns together with the Product team, and then help design the best solutions that are feasible, effective and smart.



Our primary users, the Cyber Threat analysts, use a bit of science and art in their work. Their job is not trivial, neither is designing software that they find useful. You will be encouraged and empowered to get to know our users and their problems by participating in user meetups and get to know some of those "hard to access" people personally or go on-site customer visits and observe them in their environment. You will interact with our internal Analyst team on a regular basis which will help you understand what our users talk about, and slowly build up your domain knowledge.



Together with our Product Managers, internal experts and Engineers, Product Designers are involved in the process of Product Discovery and participate early in problem definition and prioritization. The discovery process allows the product team to make sure we are solving the right problems and design, desired and unbiased solutions. During Problem discovery we collect the data and map all the problems we will solve until the whole team clearly understands what is the priority and why.

Part of your role during the Problem Discovery will be to help collect data indirectly or directly, by interviewing users and internal stakeholders and analyzing their feedback. You will uncover insights about the problems we are tackling, and organize them into a bigger picture, where you can see patterns or dependencies. You will have to go into discovery and analysis of corner cases and user flows, helping Product, Development and yourself to better understand the user's needs. Your role will also require evaluating from UX perspective, which goals and needs should be included in the future solution and provide compelling reasons for it. Doing the Problem discovery is very liberating and beyond helpful for the designers because it removes most of the unclarity about what we must do and why.



Next, during Solution discovery, we explore different ways to address the Goals and Needs uncovered in the previous phase. You can use your experience and imagination, and as many tools, as you need to translate ideas into sketches, draw diagrams, wireframes, or quick prototypes. Together with the rest of the team, you will try to get to a solution that is feasible and viable and satisfies the user needs in a way that makes the users happy. Finally, once we have a pretty good idea about the desired solution, we produce the necessary deliverables for the developers, so they can clearly understand every little detail in our designs. We create high fidelity designs alongside the UI and functional speciation's and often we also sometimes produce videos where we tell stories with our prototypes and try to simulate the final experience as good as we can without the need for developers to spend time on creating prototypes to validate ideas.



We are a small Design team, with a flat structure, and follow the Centralized Partnership organization within the company. The focus is on the EclecticIQ Platform, our flagship product, one of the world's leading cyber threat intelligence platforms, but occasionally we work on other supporting products or one-off projects. Right now, we are in the process of creating our new Design System called Zero-day, so now it's the best time to join!




  • 5+ years of experience designing Software Products;
  • Hands-on experience with UX Research techniques;
  • Ability to facilitate workshops and lead discovery activities;
  • Visual designer skills are not necessary;
  • We use Figma, and we hope you use it too;
  • English is the official language of the company, but you might find people that speak your native language as we have more than 20 nationalities in-house;
  • We work remotely a lot, but you must be located or willing to relocate to the Netherlands;
  • You can show your work in the form of Case studies and/or Portfolio and walk us through the story behind the UI.



  • Owning your decisions and clearly communicate the reasons behind them;
  • Being involved in early product definition and ideation;
  • Working very closely with the founders and other key stakeholders;
  • Working on exciting new products for challenging domain;
  • Having access to users and experts to help you take the right decisions;
  • Working in an environment where UX is not an afterthought;
  • Expanding your knowledge and expertise both in the field of Design and Cybersecurity domain.
  • We offer a full-time position with a market conform salary and 24 annual holidays. On top of that, we have a hip, home-like working place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can work with (and build) the latest technology. Our teams are humble, effective, transparent and life long learners - while we love experiments and research, we are not afraid to make decisions. We are backed by international investors to build the future together!