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We are looking for a student intern to work in software development at the RHEA offices in Leiden, The Netherlands.


At RHEA we develop open-source software with an international team that supports the design of complex systems. This application is called COMET. COMET is used to design satellites, aircraft, and other complex systems where a team of engineers needs to collaborate on both the requirements specification and the architecture of the solution. COMET comprises a server that exposes a JSON REST API and a desktop application that connects to the REST API. Both the server and desktop application are actively being developed using C#.


The key individual will help to expand the ecosystem of our application with a web application that makes use of a relatively new technology called Blazor.

The location of the internship is in the RHEA Leiden office, during COVID the team has been working from home and from the office when allowed. COVID permitting, the student should work from the office to be in close contact with the other team members.


Tasks and Activities

The scope of work will include:

  • Analyzing and determining which functionalities of the existing desktop application should be replicated in the web application and document these in as user requirements (user stories).
  • Designing the Blazor web application and proposing whether client-side (web assembly) or a server-side solution should be adopted (or perhaps both).
  • Starting with the implementation of the web application to implement a part of the user requirements so that the application can be validated by end users.
  • Working within a team that uses SCRUM, with daily (online) stand-up meetings and bi-weekly sprints, where sprint planning, spring reviews and sprint retrospectives are executed.


Skills and Experience

The following skills and experience are mandatory:

  • Working towards a degree in Software Engineering (or similar areas such as Aerospace Engineering, Systems Engineering etc.).
  • Experience working in group projects as part of a team.
  • Excellent work ethics, responsible, good communication skills, ability to meet deadlines and targets.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken.

The following skills would be highly desirable:

  • Experience working in group settings, specifically on software development projects.
  • Experience using C#, or a similar language.