research, Innovation
Den Haag
Doctorate/PhD (EQF 8), Master (EQF 7)
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What will you be doing?

  • As a TNO trainee you will work at three different departments, each time for duration of approximately eight months each. During these periods, you will spend 70% of your time on work for these departments. The remaining 30% of your time is dedicated to activities related to the trainee program. These consist of trainee projects (10%) and the personal development program (20%).
  • You will broaden your horizon by working on innovative, multidisciplinary projects for industry and government alike.
  • The specific role you have in projects can vary based on your interests and the nature of these projects. We challenge you to fulfil the role of researcher, project leader, and consultant, or even to take on a commercial role in projects.
  • In these projects, project leaders and senior researchers will provide guidance.
  • Personal development is the main theme of the trainee program. Therefore, as a trainee you will participate actively in coaching, workshops, education and peer review.  Furthermore, you will work on self-acquired projects of strategic nature together with other trainees.
  • Throughout the entire trainee program you will be instructed intensively by the Trainee Manager.

What do we require of you?

Trainees are ambitious, broadly oriented and highly talented starters with a study background that is of interest for TNO, for example:
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Astronomy
  • Bioinformatics
  • Chemistry (analytical or organic)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Econometrics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Material Science
  • Math
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Microbiology/ Biomedical Science
  • Physics
  • Process Technology
  • Statistics
Your résumé, motivational letter and pitch should be inspiring and show us why we would want you, in particular, to join our traineeship. A successful applicant will be an excellent student and have an intrinsic motivation to work for an innovative research organization like TNO. Finally, you have no more than two years of working experience.
Please indicate in your motivational letter whether or not you would object against working on projects for the Dutch Ministry of Defense.