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Hands-on training on Secure DevOps practices if you need to

  • have an idea how to efficiently increase security compliance
  • know how to make use of Secure DevOps services offered within your company
  • know how to comply with the security requirements set by your CISO
  • comply with the personal development goals set by your HR-manager
  • score permanent education points for your security titles
  • simply understand better what your teammates are talking about
  • become more hands-on in cloud native security capabilities

The courses show ‘good’ and ‘best’ practices, delivered by our team in collaboration with a fast growing eco system of security experts and enthusiasts around the globe.


DevSecOps Academy Certificates

Our certifications and badges allow you to share your accomplishments with the world.

The courses contain hands-on labs for many different Secure DevOps categories. You will get to choosefrom specific platforms you prefer based on your personal learning path. Every course provides you options to various levels of complexity. Our certificates show which specific capabilities and level you are trained on in a given lab, for you to show and share!


The DevSecOps Academy Platform

  • State of the art online hands-on training with real resources from AWS,  Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and much more
  • Choose the training from one of the Secure DevOps categories, based on your personal preferences
  • Study the theory to understand the principles of this Secure DevOps category, and get prepared for the hands-on labs
  • Choose the work-environment of your preference and the level of information provided in the steps
  • Your hands-on lab, represents a part of a cloud native CI/CD environment, where you will learn how to detect and remediate a security issue, and verify it afterwards