Cyber, ICT, Data Analytics in Security
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Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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What you tell people at parties
‘With machine learning, I locate hackers in 50 milliseconds, instead of the 9 months that is currently the average in the industry. No surprises after 9 months, you could say I make condoms for websites.’

Your life before BitSensor
You have built a model to sort your Facebook timeline and to filter out all cat pictures. Not only that; you’ve open sourced it, and opened up an API to share your model. Maybe you created a company, or built many hobby projects.
Or anything else that shows your love for what you do!

What you will be working on
BitSensor processes web-scale traffic, millions of datapoints and hundreds of gigabytes per week. It is our mission to stop attacks before they are successful, and therefore we need to classify each event in real-time.
In order to do so, we model both the time-series data and the individual events. Think about a request’s input and the amount of requests over time from a specific user.
Attackers try to evade our detection mechanisms, so we model evasion techniques accordingly. A model we’re continuously working on is one where we’re grouping several users back to a single attacker, ensuring the evasion techniques used are negated.
Security analysts are part of our mission by applying their manual expertise to our tool, and it’s our job to make them lazy. Think about models that suggest other attacks based on, and related to, the one the security analyst is looking at. Or a method to cluster attacks so we can effectively visualize hundreds of thousands of individual detections. You have freedom to experiment with the data and come up with interesting applications.

The stack you use
Apache Flink
ElasticSearch and plenty of CSV

You have an understanding of
Your Python / R / * stack

Graph mode

What you really do
You develop statistical and machine learning solutions by bringing together data, algorithms, and business processes in our systems.
You perform variable, complex, and in-depth analyses by using statistical models and methods.
You help create end-to-end solutions, starting with feature engineering, and modeling before finally delivering scripted, repeatable results.
You work directly with the development team to provide the best technical implementation.
You are proud of your work and willing to talk at conferences about advances in attack detections and share new insights in blogs and papers. Help is provided where needed.

BitSensor eats and breathes technology, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a hacker at the wheel, but you’ll notice the rest of our staff has a computer science background as well, including that other founder. You will find yourself working in an environment where (code) quality is key, and where you manage and assign features yourself.
As a data scientist you will find your way into a Scrum environment where ýou work with your teammates. We do weekly iterations and integrations, where we learn to strip each feature to the bare minimum and continue iterating on interesting features for several weeks. To get you up and running quickly, we have automated the data gathering and cleansing.
Oh and BTW, we are a start-up. Some level of excitement and unorganised chaos is to be expected, but fun is guaranteed!

What we are asking
You’re intelligent.
Experience is important. The proof is in the pudding.
You have some code that shows you have experience with a few different models.

You have the ability to effectively multitask and prioritize in an agile team.

You’re an analytical thinker, exible problem solver, and a team player.
You have a love for startups.

What we are offering
Plenty of space to show us how it’s done, and create your own features.
Sponsored training.
25 days of leave. As long as you’ll promise to come back.
Weekly life-coaching, where we talk about anything you need and we can help with.
A super cool office and working environment. You will have your own desk, no fighting about space in the morning.
Movie nights. Never seen Star Wars? We won’t judge.



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PS the job descriptions are written by us nerds, so you know exactly what you will be working on!