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Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
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1680 hrs
1 year
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Would you like to know more about studying European Law at Utrecht University? Have a look at our movie to get an impression.

Today’s Europe demands lawyers who possess a thorough mastery of European law. The European Union increasingly affects all areas of law and the national legal systems of its member states have reached a high level of integration.
EU law teaches a great deal about the relationship between law and economics, history, politics and international relations. This makes EU law of interest not only to lawyers but also to anyone trying to understand one of the most ambitious attempts to get different states work together.

Our LLM programme in European Law, taught entirely in English, will immerse you in this challenging and dynamic field while opening up many new opportunities to you both during and after the programme. It provides a thorough grounding in European law, covering areas such as internal market law, competition law, social law, judicial protection, refugee law, criminal law and public law.

You can choose from two distinctive tracks within the European Law programme:
- European Criminal Law and Human Rights
- European Law

Our unique programme will help you build both substantive and institutional knowledge of European law. What is the EU banking union, for example? Why do they say that the EU features democratic deficit and how can we enhance democracy and the rule of law in the EU? Our programme also gives you an opportunity to analyse European law in relation to the legal systems of the member states. How is legal protection afforded in cases where decisions are made by both EU and national enforcement authorities? The flexibility of this programme means that you will be able to focus on areas of personal interest. For example, you may choose to take a specialisation (track) or courses from our other Master’s programmes to create a custom minor and during the third period you can choose from Capital Selecta Modules covering different areas of EU law.


This programme is taught by a team of renowned scholars with extensive professional experience in the field of European law. It is also highly international and welcomes students from all over the world each year.

Even before you graduate, the LLM in European Law gives you a good introduction to professional practice through moot courts, visits to major European organisations, and the chance to speak with top-ranking professional lawyers. As a result, you will be well prepared for a legal career either in your home country or internationally.
In previous years, graduates from this LLM have gone on to do well in a range of areas including:
- corporate and private law practice;
- national public service as a diplomat or civil servant;
- legal or policy analysis with governments, international political organisations, and NGOs; and
- academic or legal research.

After finishing your study, you can work:
- as a legal assistant in many different areas of national government including local authorities, executive, and supervisory bodies that deal with European issues and must implement or monitor compliance with European law, in European organisations, and non-governmental organisations;
- as an lawyer with large, transnational law firms, in the legal departments of corporations, or in other organisations that are affected by the workings of European law; and
- in professional legal practice in local national or EU member state courts in the broadest sense, given the impact of European law on the national legal system;