The security job market deals with a high demand for skilled talent. Security is a promising market for upcoming talents and professionals. This website provides you with the means to browse through job openings, inspiring courses and study programs. Find your next challenge to increase your potential.

Security is a dynamic field with lots of areas of expertise, from physical to cyber security. Continuous innovations, technical and social development means the need for security keeps evolving. Now, more than ever, security is an important issue due to new threats and attacks, as well as disruptive technology. Right now for example cyber security is gaining more and more attention of policy makers, government and businesses. The security industry offers a multitude of possibilities and opportunities for (future) students and professionals. Browse through our website and find out how you can accelerate your career and secure your future!


This website offers you the opportunity to browse through security study programs, courses and trainings to prepare you to create or advance your career in the dynamic field of security. We have included programs across all levels of security education. These are educational offerings from our partners and all formally accredited studies by Dutch educational institutes.


Do you already know what you want to study? Or do you have no idea? This is the place to get inspired and find a study that matches your interests and also explore the 'in demand' job profiles within our community. We have linked security study programs and courses with job profiles. These job profiles help you to explore your potential future jobs. Have you found your study program of interest? Then click on the ‘more details’ link to browse through the website of your study program of choice for all the ins and outs.

Did you already finish a program, but you want to keep on learning? We challenge you to take the next step and meet your ambitions and develop your skills on a higher level. See which security courses, training and studies you can enroll in with your current degrees and reach your goals.


The security industry is always moving in new directions, marked by continues developments. This provides you, the security professional, with endless opportunities. One of the ways to learn new skills is by starting to work in a new environment, our partners share there talent needs in security through our site. But it’s also a challenge: how do you keep up and develop your skills? This website provides you an overview of security trainings and courses to keep ahead of the competition and keep up with new developments to stay an expert in your job. Ready to take a leap forward and move to your next job profile? Explore the possibilities through our career navigator.


Are you a Human Resource professional, labour market researcher or educator? When you are preparing your next job posting, you can start with our job profiles or get inspired by one of your competitors by looking at their present or past vacancies. If you want to check out statistics, you can check out our dashboard of job openings or one of our studies and reports.


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