Connect2Trust strives for a digitally resilient and secure Netherlands. By facilitating, informing and bringing its participants together in a trusted environment, participating organizations strengthen themselves and each other. The Connect2Trust Foundation has been appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Justice & Security as an acknowledged distribution center (OKTT) of cyber threat intelligence received from the National Cyber Security Center. This information is integrated with multiple other sources such as the Nederlands Security Meldpunt and our international partners such as CIRCL. 


Attuned to the individual needs of each participants, Connect2Trust support its mission statement by:

  1. Providing access to its own secure platform for sharing threat information that Connect2Trust receives as a recognized NCSC switching organization from various sources from the public and private sector;
  2. Contributing to strengthening (chain) security in a cross-sectoral environment by sharing knowledge, information and experience regarding cybersecurity in a secure environment;
  3. Developing a trusted network of cybersecurity professionals for sharing knowledge, information and experiences through annual events with special attention to young cybersecurity professionals;
  4. Jointly representing the participating organizations and professionals in discussions with national and international governments, cybersecurity companies and non-profit organizations active in the field of cybersecurity.