In today’s world, companies have become increasingly dependent on digital solutions for their success. They operate complex environments and continuously add new functionality, creating dynamic and complex systems. Threat actors use this to their advantage, by applying ever more sophisticated tactics and techniques, hiding in complexity.


That puts a big responsibility on companies to manage cybersecurity risks well. But cybersecurity tools and practices have not been able to keep up. Cybersecurity teams get overwhelmed with information they fail to act on. They often miss the connection between small but important warning signs that threat actors leave behind.


Cybermundus’ goal is to change that. To help organizations to detect, predict and understand breaches from advanced persistent threats before they can cause significant damage.


We do this by processing and sequencing all events to understand their execution context. We then use our data science platform and innovative modelling approach to identify patterns that relate to threat actors’ tactics, techniques and procedures. This way we help organizations to understand the scope of the attack and the threat actors’ motivations and goals.