Isuna BV are a Regtech company focusing upon integrated software solutions for Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Management Systems. 

We have developed a Compliance Platform that helps businesses raise their awareness, manage their implementation and has a strong community space. Our approach is to help businesses with their key compliance requirements such as implementing ISO27001 or data privacy regulations such as GDPR and AVG. 

Our Platform has the backing of the Netherlands standard holder, NEN (Stichting Koninklijk Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut). Our Cyber Platform incorporates ISO27001 into a step-by-step process that reduced the friction for those who want to become compliant. With the validation of NEN we continue to help businesses in the Netherlands and further afield to achieve 27001 compliance.

Our mission is to humanise regulations and to help businesses raise their awareness and compliance in the easiest way possible. We make compliance process easier, reducing time and costs so that businesses can focus upon what they do best - their own business! 


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