JanusID is a European, independent and globally focused organization that:

  1. provides personal identities (user accounts) for easy access to online services and shops
  2. enables businesses to simplify and improve their customer interaction whilst reducing data risks
  3. fulfills the generally accepted needs for privacy, security and trust on the internet
  4. gives users a dashboard to manage their data and consents to share
  5. works with proven components using globally adopted open standards


JanusID is currently in the pre-launch phase. A test in a controlled production setting is to be conducted in the first half of 2016. Industry leading partners are taking part in this test. Our aim is to start full-scale implementation by late 2016 / early 2017.

JanusID is named after the ancient Roman god Janus who watched over the city’s gates and  passages. He ensured people could live in freedom, safety and prosperity and controlled access to Heaven and other gods. Our aim is to provide access to all realms of the internet with similar benefits for the global online communities.