MindYourPass is a new, Eindhoven-based high-tech cybersecurity company. Its primary goal is to improve worldwide internet security, by enforcing unique, very strong passwords, without the end user having to remember them. MindYourPass provides companies with a way to enforce strong passwords (512 bits / 64 characters long) on every account and to audit the quality of their employees' passwords, even if they are used on external (i.e., non-company) websites and services.

The single most effective way to limit the effectiveness of cybercrime is to make sure everyone uses a unique password for every service (no re-use of passwords) and to make sure these passwords are extremely strong. Our mission is therefore to eliminate simple passwords altogether and to ensure that everyone in the world uses a unique, strong password for every individual online account.

To that end we have a patented mechanism that generates unique, strong passwords based on simple inputs. With this mechanism, end-users never need to remember difficult passwords anymore. Just one, easy-to-remember password will do, while the mechanism guarantees extreme strong protection of their online accounts.

The MindYourPass solution forms a unique combination of security, privacy and usability. It is offered as a paid service to companies, while its on-the-fly password generator is free for personal use.