World Competitiveness Cluster SCS (Secure Communicating Solutions) has a genuine ambition: to become the leading and recognized player in the field of Secured Communicating Solutions by covering the entire ICTs value chain, from silicon to end uses.
It will do this based on focused, differentiating Smart Specialization Areas (SSAs): contactless technology; networks, M2M & mobile services; digital security & identities

For the benefit of high-growth markets: Health, Pharmaceutical, Trade, Mass-market retailing, Transport & Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Financial institutions, Environment, Recycling, Consumer Electronics, Administration, Energy, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, and so on.

SCS Cluster missions:
To consolidate our leadership in the areas covered by the SCS Cluster by drawing on the breadth of our business lines.
Developing innovative and competitive R&D projects
Contributing to the development of SMEs
Helping to create an ecosystem suited to the regional development of ICTs