Tensing Safety & Security is a provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions and services to the Public Safety sector for nearly 30 years.


We want to make a positive contribution to the safety of our society.


Tensing does this by making information reliably and readily available to our customers. Our commitment, knowledge and experience have come together to simplify the delivery of the right information to your users, in the context that is right for your organization, with minimal action required from your organization.


Just like our customers, we believe that the Public Safety sector has a strong interest in introducing an efficient geo platform.


Tensing’s geo platform is the foundation for sharing spatial information (all information associated with a location), and it is based on open standards to improve customers’ processes and increase their understanding of their operations. The visual power of a map that displays dynamic information (a moving vehicle, an expanding gas cloud); static information (address of a school, permit at an address); and statistical information (population and age by postal code) provides in one glance the entire situation at a safety or security incident.


Our geo platform technology is based on the ArcGIS product suite by Esri, a global market leader in GIS software, which is complemented by our domain knowledge.


Our geo platform consists of three major components:

1.      Location based functionality to increase insight and optimize processes

2.      Geodata and maps

3.      Integration with communication hardware


Our product and service offering includes:

1.      Software solutions, including CCR360, our control room solution and SafetyMaps360 for answering issues and Location Intelligence Dashboards

2.      Geodata services and analysis

3.      Functional and technical support of your GIS environment

4.      Integration of position-based resources (such as vehicles, employees, walkie-talkies and other devices) into your IT environment

5.      Consulting services


The relationships we build with our customers and partners are just as important as the solutions we offer. We are very committed to achieving our common goals in close cooperation, regardless of the challenges entailed in doing so. We continually distinguish and develop ourselves. We listen, anticipate and advise.


Our specialists will gladly advise you on the best solution for your organization.