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Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences join forces in education for professionals in the field of cyber security. The Cyber Security Academy Foundation (CSA) was launched on 6 February 2014 and is in line with the ambitions to further develop The Hague Security Delta  into a leading European security cluster with strong and diverse expertise and knowledge in the field of security. The main reason behind the launch of the CSA is the growing demand on the labour market for specialists who can contribute to increasing the resilience of governments, organisations, and citizens on the basis of a coherent vision and approach. The current security issues are complex and the problems are continuously changing. Cyber criminals are still “more innovative” than businesses and governments. Mainstream education still offers too little training and research in the field of cyber security. Next to the fact that there is a great demand for cyber specialists, there is also a need for experts at the strategic level and for employees who can make the connection between technology and business-related topics such as management, legislation, privacy, and international relations.


On March 2013, a working group including large cyber security employers as Europol, Fox-IT, and KPN, led by former minister of Defence Eimert van Middelkoop  presented a business plan for the start of the Cyber Security Academy (CSA). The institute was established in the form of a collaboration between the three universities and private partners Fox-IT, KPN, VKA, and ENCS. Because these HSD partners joined forced, there is now a much better supply of research and training to meet the needs of employers and to contribute to innovative answers to cyber issues.


The CSA’s core is a scientific master's programme in Cyber Security. This programme, aimed at technical professionals, legal specialists, and policy makers, in the field of digital security has multiple specializations. It can be followed part time, and lasts two years. The program  starts in January 2015 and it's already fully booked. 


A comprehensive vision on the approach to issues related to cyber security —based on the consensus that sustainable strategies for digital security solutions call for a coherent approach of technical, legal and administrative aspects — forms the basis of the master’s programme. Together with a team of lecturers from the above mentioned knowledge institutes and experts from a variety of private and public organizations, Professor of Cyber Security Jan van den Berg realized this innovative programme.


In 2014 and 2015, various parts of the CSA master's program will be turned into separate modules, as a (tailor made) short course, and as a training or master class for professionals. A pilot was held in February 2014. 


More information is available on the Cyber Security Academy website or contact Mireille Snels, programme manager of CSA, via


HSD Masterplan

This project is one of the 17 initiatives listed in the HSD Master Plan for 2012–2014.


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