Innovation Experience Room

The world is rapidly changing. More and more data is available through sensors, bodycams, smartphones, drones and satellites. And the use of the internet and social media results in even more information being shared. Creating many opportunities to make our society more secure. However, this data can only create added value when brought together, analysed and interpreted.


National Innovation Agenda for Security
These developments require new ways of cooperation. This is why the National Innovation Agenda for Security has been developed within the Dutch security cluster HSD. It addresses triple helix cooperation on several topics like:

  • Networked information at interchanges
  • Identification and prediction of deviant behavior
  • Learning from incidents and drills


Sensing Programme
The Sensing Programme is an example of how cooperation on these topics leads to concrete results. Within this programme, an Innovation Experience Room has been developed by the Dutch National Police, Police Academy and businesses that work together as the iCOPP partners. In this public-private field lab, they
explore and gain experience with innovative technologies, such as geo-layers, automatic licence plate recognition, bodycams and CCTV. It is thé place where professionals and students can learn how to interact with the available data streams, and how to share their insights. Allowing them to make the right decisions at the right time.



Innovation Experience Room

One of the innovative technologies developed within HSD and used in the field lab is the iCOPP Content Management System. With this technology all kinds of information flows can be exchanged, related and analysed.


To make sure ‘new generation’ security products and services are developed within HSD, the Innovation Experience Room can serve as a living lab were science and daily practice meet.


This way the Experience Room not only makes sure ‘new generation’ security products can be developed within HSD. It also provides the opportunity to include this innovative situational awareness into the education programme of the Police Academy. Creating a future proof police force.

HSD Partners involved

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