International Cyber Security Summer School

The International Cyber Security Summer School (ICSSS) is an annual summer school, originally organised by NCI Agency, Europol, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence Cyber Command, Leiden University and HSD Office. The first edition took place in 2015, starting with 40 students. Given the success, further editions of the Summer School have been hosted, allowing up to 60 students to participate in the programme. In the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Summer School, EY was also one of the organisers. Due to the Covid-19 circumstances the 2020 edition was cancelled, however the partners look forward organising this years ICSSS in the last week of August 2021 online.


Given the digitisation of our society, cyber security is rising on the political agenda, as the consequences of attacks, incidents and security breaches are increasing. The International Cyber Security Summer School allows students and young professionals to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of cyber security concepts, as they will learn about the latest developments and the cutting edge cyber security technologies that exist today. In previous editions, students received lectures and insiders’ perspectives from a variety of industry experts, working for, inter alios, Europol, NATO, the Dutch Department of Security and Justice, The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service, and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). ​


For more information please visit the ICSSS website 


HSD Partners involved

Dutch Innovation Park
Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
NATO Communications and Information Agency