Multimedia Contest Secure Your Future (2015)

The Secure Your Future Multimedia Competition was first organised in 2013 by The Hague Security Delta, Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs (KIVI), and technology magazine De Ingenieur. The competition aims to involve students and entrepreneurs with the security sector, to promote career opportunities in the security sector to students and to increase the number of start-ups, innovations, and innovative services in the security domain. The annual challenge aims to contribute to the ambition of HSD in quest of stimulating economic development in The Hague and the Netherlands as a whole.

The 2015 edition of the competition is now open until the 1st of November 2015.

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About Multimedia Competition Secure Your Future (Edition 2015)
The 2015 edition specifically focuses on ideas for multimedia applications that incorporates the use of satellite data for the security of critical infrastructures. Participants, ranging from students to entrepreneurs, are asked to invent or develop an app, game, website, video, presentation or other multimedia application. The application does not necessarily have to be fully developed. A concept or idea that is clearly explained in a presentation will also be accepted.

Participants design their application keeping the following challenge in mind:
• Come up with a new or improved satellite application that will improve the resilience and security of critical infrastructures (e.g. telecommunication or electricity generation)
• Think of a satellite application that improves the efficiency of emergency services (e.g. the police or ambulance personnel)

The winner will receive a cash prize and will be assisted by the Secure Your Future partners in further developing the application into a business model, finding funds, and testing the idea in practice.

Important dates:
4 June 2015: HSD Café on Space and Security (inspiration event). You can sign up here to attend.
3 September 2015: Inspiration event & pizza session at Haagse Hogeschool Zoetermeer
1 November 2015
: competition deadline
November 2015: award ceremony (details will follow shortly)

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