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Total Blackout: A Serious Game to optimise cooperation between crisis teams


Do you know what to do in case of a power outage? Or when a vital server is hacked? Many organisations train their employees extensively on how to act in unexpected situations. In many cases the effects of a crisis can be felt in a far larger area than where the initial incident occurred; your company can get involved in a crisis incident in many ways. Do you know how your crisis team can operate most effectively in the dynamics with all other parties involved? This is why Team Total Blackout is developing a serious game in which organisations can train their management and crisis teams to cooperate effectively during crises.


Serious Game
The serious game offers crisis teams the chance to experience cooperation and interdependencies between organisations in crisis situations first hand. During the simulation, participants gain:

  • Experience with decision-making structures, communication capabilities, and crisis management protocols beyond one’s own organisation,
  • Experience with operating in the roles, mandates, processes, and responsibilities of actors and individuals within the critical infrastructure,
  • Training for managing the relations within both private and public sectors,
  • Practical tips for gaining insight in possible cascading effects and other unforeseen consequences of a crisis and the connected decisions.


Network for Crisis Managers
Besides the training of crisis teams Total Blackout facilitates a network for crisis managers. Are you interested in joining this network? Then join the Total Blackout LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter @TotalBlackOutNL


Consortium Partners of Total Blackout are:

  • Pax Ludens
  • TNO
  • DPI Information House
  • T-Xchange (Thales)
  • Vopak
  • Stedin


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This project is co-financed by the HSD Development Fund from the City of The Hague


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