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The digital landscape is changing more than ever before, so the threats in the digital world can sometimes be more dangerous than traditional military weapons. The aim is to integrate security into our thought processes, not only in our own interests, but also as an example to others that security can and must be part of the development of every project.


Your role as Ethical Hacker

You are someone who looks at things and automatically starts thinking from the perspective of a malicious actor. How they would exploit its weaknesses, whether physical or digital. You enjoy CTFs, cipher puzzles and spend your spare time reverse engineering binaries or playing games like hackthebox.

This is your team

As an Ethical Hacker at KPN CISO you are part of a small team of dedicated and autonomous individuals. As a member of this team you enjoy an atmosphere in which the idea of selling services and of billable hours does not exist. We are a small team that focuses on making KPN more secure. We put the emphasis firmly on self-development because we believe as a team that this is the way to make individual members more effective. The workload is varied, from hacking mobile apps to hardware, from web applications to complex infrastructures. We take your preferences into consideration whenever possible.


What happens after you apply?

  • (1) You apply. Is this job opening your dream job? Thank you for applying. We will receive your application and contact you soon. 
  • (2) Phone call. We'd like to get to know you better. We'll schedule an initial meeting. One of our recruiters will contact you by phone. 
  • (3) Second interview. Both sides still satisfied? Then a second interview will be scheduled. 
  • (4) Welcome to the team. Welcome to KPN. Today your introduction program starts.