Permanent employment
Bachelor (EQF 6)
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Monitor and control all HSSE matters related to project team members and contractors in ensuring that the Project complies with the project requirement i.e. specification, safety code and other policies/guidelines related to the project. 


Responsible for the health, safety, environment, security & emergency throughout the project duration to achieve safe project completion. The requirement in each Project phase is listed, but not limited to, as follows:  

  • Support Project HSSE Leads with Safety case studies. 
  • Ensures, in accordance with the corporate guidelines, the implementation, updating, review and auditing of the Company HSSE Systems.  
  • Monitors the effective implementation of appropriate Safety and Environment System procedures and provide for their updating in line with changes in Legislation and Company Directives.  
  • Provides for motivation and familiarization of all Company personnel respecting the importance of complying with Company system procedures and all Safety equipment provided.  
  • Assists the Commercial, Engineering and Operations Department in their dealings with Clients in all issues concerned with Health and Safety at work.  
  • Conducts safety audits both internal and external.  
  • Provides technical support to Senior Management on any safety related subjects.   Liaises between Clients on safety related issues.   
  • Participates in HAZOP meetings prior to procurement and installation activities. 
  • Participates in HAZID meetings prior to installation and Construction activities. 
  • Preparation of Health and Safety documentation for new tenders.  
  • Provides HSSE support and advice, including supervision on preparation of plans and procedures for initial contract start up activities.  
  • Formulate Office HSSE policies and procedures. You should implement health and safety procedures and ensure that these comply with the law. 
  • Conduct risk assessments if required. These highlight the areas of potential risk that you must reduce.  
  • Train all employees in your health and safety procedures. You should also give proper training on the particular risks in their area of work, and how they can prevent these. 
  • Conduct frequent Office safety inspections and checks. This is especially important for things like electrical equipment and equipment used for working at height. 
  • Understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You should make all employees aware of the benefits of PPE and ensure that they receive adequate PPE. You should also frequently check PPE for wear and tear. Equipment must be effective in the event of an accident. 
  • Develop a correct procedure for reporting Incidents and Accidents. You must make all employees aware of the correct reporting procedure and ensure that they know how to properly report Incidents and Accidents. 
  • Respond to any safety complaints and concerns raised by employees. You should investigate their claims and put plans in place to remove the danger. 
  • Take responsibility for first aid procedures, including employee first aid training. Online first-aid courses can be valuable for refreshing or supplementing classroom training. 
  • Manage emergency procedures, such as fire alarm drills. 
  • Ensure that the Facility/Office is controlled as per local government legislation. 
  • Lead by example. You must show employees that you take your Office HSSE responsibilities seriously. You should also try to instil a positive health and safety culture.
  • Ensure the correct management and control of the Office ER Team, required training as per local government legislation. 


HuR/Worker Welfare 

  • Conduct and manage work force “Field Listening Tours”, accommodations visits and canteen inspections  
  • Daily visits / onsite presence on the yard to inspect working conditions and general health/wellbeing of workers be first point of contact for any workers’ welfare concerns 
  • Coordinate with HSSE Manager and project team to manage worker welfare on projects and close out Worker Welfare Action Plan items 
  • Support with SBM HSSE team, Yard Management and Project Management to align on worker welfare objectives and progress 
  • Organize and attend regular workforce discussions and dialogues for project, ensure properly record keeping and follow up 
  • Promote and suggest workers welfare initiative to project management team   Deliver training on worker welfare on site to workers and management  
  • Support Project Managers and Country manager with Social Performance country plan / Worker Welfare Action Plans 
  • Support Yard Framing team for work welfare/labor rights aspects related to Yard Qualification Process
  • Assist with Worker Welfare Assessments and coordinate development of worker welfare action plans on yards (internal)
  • Support external stakeholder with logistic support during their field assessment for social aspects (rating agencies, banks, consultants)  
  • Support SBM Offshore Group Human Rights team to keep up to date with initiatives, implementations and road map  
  • Record and investigated Human Rights incident in appropriate tool (speak up, incident management tool, etc.)  
  • Prepare periodic reports / data highlighting status of Human Rights KPIs for resource centers.