Cyber, Security, consultancy, Digital Risk Monitoring, Security Consultant
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Doctorate/PhD (EQF 8), Master (EQF 7)
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The British bombe

The British bombe is considered to be a crucial factor in the Allied victory of World War II. Its existence, however, was kept a secret for more than 25 years after the war had ended. You might wonder: how could such a thing be decisive in winning the war, yet remain a secret for so long? This is because ‘the bombe’ was not actual explosive. It was a cryptologic machine designed by Alan Turing to break Enigma, a system used by the Germans to encrypt radio communications during the war.


Turing discovered that a letter could never be decrypted to itself, allowing for a known-plaintext attack. Moreover, there were significant weaknesses in the way Enigma was operated (both in policy and practice). In modern cryptography such operating shortcomings sometimes still exist. That’s why we help clients to implement algorithms into products and services, as well as securely creating and storing cryptographic key material. Are you interested in a position on the cutting edge of crypto?


Your role

As a (senior) consultant, you are in the beginning phase of your career but already you are working on exciting crypto developments that allow our clients to stand out from the competition. You help them build and assess secure products like medical devices, payment systems or blockchain startups. You will learn a lot: both from courses & trainings and by working for leading organisations with a team of inspiring colleagues.


The work you’ll be doing is diverse and challenging. One week you could be helping with setting up new Host-to-Host connections, or with identifying risks in design documents for new payment methods. The next week you could be supporting the organization and executing of key ceremonies or assessing protocols for instance secure messaging apps to identify security flaws.


Your Profile

You are ready to starting your career or you already have a few (maximum three) years of work experience. You have a background in cryptography: you need to understand the basics of the theory and have some practical experience. Your focus is to be risk oriented. You are not afraid to challenge others on design decisions and are able to defend your opinion with facts and clear reasoning. You possess the ability to work under pressure of time and have the ambition to develop yourself.


Besides having a technical mindset, you also need to be skilled in communications. You are proficient in English and Dutch, both verbally and in writing. You’re a strong team player with ability to take charge of your area of expertise and ability to coordinate with other teams. Preferably, you have experience with one or more of the following topics:

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs);
  • Host-to-Host and PoS-to-Host connections;
  • Key management;
  • Blockchain;
  • Protocol verification;
  • Public Key Infrastructure;
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI);
  • Security architecture;
  • Mobile payments;
  • EMV;
  • Post quantum;
  • Tokenization

Furthermore, you fit in the following profile:

  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and listening);
  • Strong team player with ability to take charge of their area of expertise and ability to coordinate with other teams and instances;
  • The ability to work under pressure of time and the ambition to further develop yourself.

About the team

The crypto team of Deloitte is active for more than 7 years. We help clients with advice and a practical hands-on approach for their cryptographic needs. We perform assignments like code reviews, design reviews and procedures reviews. We also help design new solutions and secure their systems by choosing the right paradigms to suit their needs. Lastly, we also perform some reverse engineering when needed.

The team is diverse and we organize team meetings on a quarterly basis where we share knowledge, organize workshops and have some fun. We hope to welcome quite a few new members soon.



Although most Enigma message have been deciphered, the above ciphertext remains unbroken to this day. The Enigma@Home project is trying to break this message with distributed computing: you can always help out. If you’d like to know more about this topic in general, we recommend watching The Imitation Game and/or reading in detail about the cryptanalysis of the Enigma.


Our Organization

Deloitte’s Risk Advisory is comprised of approximately 600 professionals with diverse backgrounds. We service our clients in the fields of Reputation, Controls, Technology Enabled Solutions and Cyber Risk. Within these teams our professionals include, among others, data analysts, IT Risk consultants and Cyber Risk specialists. These complementary specializations allow us to support our clients in a broad spectrum of topics through interdisciplinary teams and bespoke solutions. We perform most of our work from the Amsterdam office.

The Cyber Advisory department under Cyber Risk is distinguished by its collegial and informal atmosphere, with about 160 professionals. Our professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds and personalities, and this environment is further emphasized by ample learning opportunities and constructive feedback on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Given the strong growth of our practice, we are looking for new colleagues to join our team.