Permanent employment
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6)
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Hours p/wk:


The Operations Support Coordinator ensures that equipment and services are expedited, inspected, delivered and stored in full compliance with budget, required quantities, contractual agreements, expected quality and schedule constraints. 


During the execution of the order and until final delivery and storage, you monitor the progress, prevent any issues, raise alerts and recommend action plans.


This pivotal role collaborates with the project team (ie: Package manager (PKM), Project Procurement

Manager (PPM), Package Engineer …) or with the offshore vessels and shorebases to actively engage and reinforce all relevant working relationships.


You also build partnerships with vendors to meet shared objectives as per Company requirements and in line with the local and international regulations.

You interface with external third-parties involved in expediting, inspection, logistics and material control activities (ie: agencies, freight forwarders, customs or other officials).


Below contributions apply to your designated perimeter (expediting, inspection, logistics, material control) and functional competencies may vary depending on your specialty.  


Role Contribution

  1. In order to ensure readiness of equipment and material while complying with planning, quality, quantity and budget constraints, you are to :
    1. Understand project and/or operations requirements 
    2. Implement strategies and plans (expediting, inspection, customs, transports, storage, material receiving and control) 
    3. Perform purchasing activities appropriately (from RFQ to PO award) and in full compliance with Company working procedures (mainly for transport and material control activities)
    4. Ensure that vendors and third-parties have all necessary information to execute the order (ie:standard Quality Control Plan (QCP), shipping & marking requirements, technical requirements)
    1. Perform thorough check of all deliverables submitted by vendors and third-parties
    2. Monitor the performance of logistics third-parties (i.e. agencies, freight forwarders), propose
    3. Conduct regular follow-ups to get updated and accurate information and raise alert whenever appropriate
    4. Formalize adequately all necessary input to decision makers (e.g. : reporting, preservation routine)
    5. Ensures that updated data are populated in Supply Chain applications on a timely manner 
    6. Proactively interface with internal stakeholders (Engineering, Insurance, Tax, Legal, Compliance …) for sharing information and progress, and for resolving issues
    7. Chase that internal stakeholders perform their tasks in due time (ie: review / approve vendor documentation)
    8. Ensure implementation of any agreed recovery actions plans 
    9. Organize field visits to assess vendor performance during fabrication of the equipment, to inspect the equipment/material as per Company requirements, to check safety during loading /unloading operations
    10. Ensure that equipment / material is safely fabricated, delivered on site and stored as per Company requirements, with no damage
    11. Provide feedback to Package Manager and/or Operations Buyer for overall vendor rating purpose


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be: 

  • Timely and accurate information transmitted to the internal stakeholders (Vendor Progress Reports, Inspection Reports, Shipping documents, material status report …)
  • Timely and qualitative alerts raised and appropriate corrective actions recommended % of packages collected on time
  • % of packages delivered on site in line with planned received on-site (ROS) date
  • Number of outstanding work list (OWL) Cat B & C open items
  • Number of outstanding vendor documents
  1. In order to comply with Company standards, international and local regulations, you are to :
    1. Ensure that required vendor documentation is received, reviewed, approved and fully recorded 
    2. Make sure the local customs and transport regulations are properly followed (e.g. documents well-registered, compliance standards and rules fully applied) and liaise with authorities whenever required
    3. Be familiarized with the Export Control regulations 
    4. Apply all relevant Company Ethics and Compliance procedures (e.g. anticorruption, bribery) 
    5. Apply all relevant Quality & Regulatory Management procedures 
    6. Comply with Company Working Procedures related to expediting, inspection, logistics and material control activities 

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Number of reported breaches of procedure
  • Savings related to tax and customs operations 
  1. *If Acting as a lead coordinator, you are to: 
    1. Understand Company and project requirements and appropriately assign tasks to team members
    2. Set team expectations for quality standards and enforce safety requirements to meet project needs, corporate standards, and industry regulations
    3. Ensure each team member understands his/her role and responsibilities
    4. Provide support and guidance as needed to team members; partner with the Supply Chain Support manager for mentoring staff as needed
    5. Proactively assess team performance and partner with the Supply Chain Support manager to continuously improve global performance
    6. Ensure previous lessons learnt are incorporated and promote continuous improvement by sharing new lessons learnt with relevant managers
    7. Ensure proper communication with internal/external stakeholders to ensure all parties are promptly informed 

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Timely and accurate issuance of team deliverables 
  • Number of lessons learnt identified by the coordinator lead
  1. **If Acting as a subcontracting coordinator :  In order to properly manage the activities outsourced to sub-contractors YOU ARE TO:
    1. Perform adequate sourcing and ensure qualification of the sub-contracting company
    2. Develop sub-contracting plan including resource mobilization  
    3. Contribute to the preparation of the contract to be placed with sub-contractors (scope of work, list of deliverables, planning, resources, terms and conditions, rates, KPIs, reporting) and perform the implementation on the project
    4. Understand and monitor all interfaces with sub-contractors to ensure requirements are properly addressed 
    5. Set up proper communication lines to ensure all internal / external parties are promptly informed of project developments 
    6. Monitor sub-contractors performance through agreed performance review sessions and KPIs to ensure deliverables are produced timely and with expected level of accuracy
    7. Monitor productivity as per contractual requirements and ensure all deviations from agreed scope and budget hours are challenged and recovery plans are implemented accordingly
    8. Proactively track areas likely to change to reduce the “surprise” element, added costs and delays to project
    9. Perform sub-contracting lessons learnt and sub-contractors performance feedback sessions to ensure continuous improvement

The measure of your effectiveness in this will be

  • Assessment of sub-contractor performance versus contract requirements
  • Stakeholders feedback on subcontracting coordinator performance