Operational Security, Security, Engineering, SCADA
Temporary employment
Den Haag
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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What impact will you make?

As a starting Engineer ICS and Security, you have an interest in working with hands-on technical OT security challenges concerning the security of operational technology and industrial environments. You will work in a team of ICS/SCADA security consultants and will both technically and procedurally assess and advise our clients on improvements within the area of OT security.

This is how

As a security engineer, there are several types of projects you could work on. Some examples:

  • Perform site assessments at clients, where you assess the maturity of the OT security at the site on aspects such as hardening, network segmentation and access control ;
  • Conduct a security test on the internal client network to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to downtime of the client plants;
  • Assess an ICS architecture review on the network architecture of the client

Job activities

  • Discovering and building your ICS and SCADA personal interests, qualities and expertise;
  • Working in our team and adding value for technical projects at clients;
  • Advising clients on technical content that match their situation and environment;
  • Operationally carrying out projects and ensuring high quality results.

As an Engineer ICS and Security, you will be a part of our growing team of cyber professionals, all of which share a passion for technical security challenges. You will work on a variety of different technical assignments within the OT security domain. These could either be performed at clients or internally. Examples are the advisory on the implementation of technical security solutions for clients, performing OT security site assessments and performing OT security tests. Our expectations are matched to your preferences, background and experience. What matters most for us is that you are a team player with an affinity for technology who is not afraid to learn.

As an engineer, we will offer you a job where not only you can use your technical knowledge and experience, but where above all you will expand it. You will work in our team which shares affinity and experience for ICS/SCADA security technology. We are avid visitors of conferences and organize many internal demos and activities. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to learn and discover a lot in a relatively short period. We value that you keep developing yourself and that your activities within the team continue to challenge and excite you. That our cyber team keeps growing every year is a testament to the good atmosphere and satisfaction within our team. In consultation with your manager, you will determine your own training program. Examples of frequently chosen trainings are GICSP, CSSA and OSCP, but we also offer a wide variety of internal trainings. 



At Deloitte, the largest organisation in the field of Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax and Legal. In the Netherlands, we rely on more than 5,500 staff in 15 offices. Globally, Deloitte has around 250,000 staff and offices in more than 150 countries.

You will share your expertise with more than 200 colleagues in the Cyber Risk team, from a wide range of backgrounds and personalities. The Cyber team is distinguished by its collegial and informal atmosphere and this environment is further emphasized by ample learning opportunities and constructive feedback on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Via this link you can read more about Risk Advisory in general.

What we offer

  • in addition to a fixed salary, a share in our profits;
  • flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home;
  • a good pension scheme;
  • development program that helps you keep developing
  • 26 days of paid holiday annually, and the opportunity to purchase 15 additional holiday days annually;
  • a 40-hour working week; We are also open to the option of a shorter working week;
  • a time-for-time scheme for overtime;
  • the opportunity to take a month of unpaid leave once a year;
  • a good mobility scheme: choose a company car with a fuel card for the whole of Europe, a cash option, a public transport card or reimbursement of travel expenses;
  • a laptop and an iPhone you can also use for personal purposes;
  • the opportunity to take part in our collective health insurance scheme;
  • the opportunity to benefit from tax-efficient facilities, such as company fitness and a bicycle scheme;
  • great growth opportunities: depending on your ambitions and performance, you can grow into a new role every 2 to 3 years.

What you offer

You are interested in security and technology and want to understand and solve technical security challenges.  As a Starting Engineer ICS/SCADA you also:

  • Have a HBO (University of Applied Sciences) or WO (University) Bachelor/Master degree;
  • Have up to 2 years of experience in ICS and SCADA security;
  • Are nterested in:
    - PLC’s, RTU’s, DCS’s
    - Access control;
    - Process models;
    - OT security;
    - Networking technology;
    - IDS, IPS;
    - Security standards and guidelines.
  • Have excellent communication skills (oral, written and listening);
  • Are a strong team player with ability to take charge of their area of expertise and coordinate with other teams and instances;
  • Have the ability to work under pressure of time and the ambition to further develop yourself.

We are looking for both starting and experienced ICS and Security engineers for our cyber teams. Do you have more than 2 years of experience? Please apply for our Senior Engineer role.

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Questions? If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Recruiter Deqa Warsame.