Analysis of attracting talent in cybersecurity 

An analysis by The Hague Security Delta Office reveals challenges that the Dutch cybersecurity workforce and employers face. HSD works with her partners on initiatives to attract and retain talent in cybersecurity.


Challenges facing employers

Studies (UWV, 2019; CBS, 2019) reveal that employers in the cybersecurity market are facing challenges to fulfill their open positions. One of our own analysis showed 23% of cybersecurity related vacancies are hard to fill (open longer than 60 days) against an average of 14% in security. In May 2019, The Hague Security Delta published the ‘Human Capital Agenda Security 2019-2022' to tackle discrepancies in the (cyber)security labour market.


Challenges facing talents

Talents find it complex to orientate themselves into the cybersecurity sector, because they have a relatively abstract and incomplete conception of what cybersecurity entails and what the employment opportunities imply. A study by the University of Maastricht (2017) reveals that communication regarding career and education opportunities in the cybersecurity domain is not exploited to its full potential. Specifically, the two most important information channels through which people orientate themselves for a career are orientation days and conversations with family. Information about the ten information channels can be found on the Maastricht University website. The Hague Security Delta Office contributes in addressing this challenge, as the website Security Talent provides transparency and insights in the career and education opportunities that the cybersecurity domain offers.


Employee Mobility

A study commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment indicates that three out of four professionals potentially want to change jobs. Most of them don’t make the step because it is perceived as risky giving up a position, but also because the transition is difficult (lack of transparency in the different careerpaths- and perspectives, unfamiliarity with a new domain). To facilitate the transition to a job in the cybersecurity domain, The Hague Security Delta has published an overview of security job profiles and testimonials with cybersecurity professionals who provide insight in their careerpaths. In addition, 250+ employers in the security domain share their past and present talent needs on Solutions for the talent shortage were shared earlier this year during the cyber security recruitment seminar and in a ‘cook book’ for recruiters.


Making your Career in Security

Do you have a passion for security, IT and/or technology and are you looking for an opportunity to advance your career? Security Talent offers a selection of vacancies of HSD Partners and studies & courses


This analysis was performed by Jelmer Pijpers; Temporary Junior Innovation Liaison at The Hague Security Delta.



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