Companies Help Improve Cybersecurity Scans for SMEs 

In recent months, students of ROC Mondriaan developed skills in cyber security in a project that’s called Cyberwerf security scan, in which they will demonstrate their skills as a cyber security "steward" for SME companies. On Wednesday 8 May, the students presented their tools to several cyber security experts from HSD partners, including Treadstone, Forescout, Cisco, ENAI, aXite and Beone Development. These experts provided feedback to the students and explored possible connections of Cyberwerf to their services. This way they help the cyber talent pool and the security of businesses in the The Hague region.


What is Cyberwerf?

Cyberwerf, the hybrid education project of the Security Field Lab on the ZKD Business Park in The Hague, gives SMEs the opportunity to find out if their company is protected against cybercrime by offering easily accessible security scans. Many SMEs do not possess sufficient knowledge to properly assess the risks of cybercrime. This is why it is important that a ‘scan’ is used to detect possible vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructure. The excellent students that have been selected are supervised in (further) developing the service that allows them to detect risks in a fast and easy manner when visiting a company. Based on the advice, the SME can implement the right measures and, if necessary, call upon professional service providers.


Cyberwerf was launched in 2018 with support from the Economic Board The Hague, the City of The Hague and Deloitte. It was initiated by ROC Mondriaan, Kenniscentrum Integrale Veiligheid Foundation, the ZKD business park and HSD Office.


Next steps

The coming months the scans will be performed at partners of ZKD Business Park to test and further enhance the service and cooperation with executing partners. Interested in supporting this initiative and help scaling it up? Reach out to HSD-office.


More information about Cyberwerf


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HSD Partners involved

aXite Security Tools
Gemeente Den Haag
ROC Mondriaan, School for IT
ThreadStone Cyber Security