Cybersecurity Expert Fox-IT and Training Institute Security Academy Join Forces

Security Academy and Fox-IT Academy will collaborate in offering study programmes in the field of cyber security to even better meet the need for highly trained professionals. Initially, both companies will first make their study programmes available for each other, their current relations and the market. In addition, experts from Fox-IT will be employed in the courses of the Security Academy. In a following phase, the training portfolios of Security Academy and Fox-IT Academy will be integrated, and new course topics and titles will be introduced.


The need for well-trained experts grows alongside the increased dependence on IT and the threats that arise from cybercrime. This multidisciplinary studyprogramme will be benifical for society, whilst security knowledge is transferred by experts with practical experience and didactic qualities. 


Rick Strijbos, Managing Director at Security Academy: "Our vision is that experts from the field are the best teachers, so we are extremely pleased with this collaboration. Fox-IT has the top experts, and we have a lot of training experience at various levels. Joining forces gives the market what it needs now: top experts for whom transferring knowledge is a vocation. In this way we can meet the increasing demand for high-quality practical knowledge."

Hans Valkenhoff, Manager Academy at Fox-IT: "We are pleased with this joining of forces. The scalability and strength of Security Academy allow us to maximise our expertise. It is a good foundation for optimally deploying our experts to make society more secure." 


Source: ChannelConnect